IMM #2: Idyll

DMT is the French acronym for “Dans Ma Tête” which means “In My Mind”. It’s the expression I use the most when I tell my stories. “You see, in my mind…”. The point here is just to let my imagination run wild and imagine stories I’d wish to see on my screen with Black non-white celebrities. Although I decided to write more in French, I actually plan all my fictions in English (because I’m weird like that). So why not also write my “IMM” feature for my fictions taking in place in English-speaking countries? Here we go, go go…

Title: Idyll
Genre: rom-com (for the win)
Synopis: Dev (27) is a single father of a 10-year old boy. After struggling for years to get a stable life, he gets the opportunity to manage a three-star hotel in Martinique. The raise in his salary and beautiful setting don’t make the transition to this new life any easier. Thankfully, he meets Nabila, an islander, who helps him navigate through West Indian culture as he becomes the master of his destiny.

Dev is Dev Patel. And he definitely needs to portray a father. This would be totally adorable. And Nabila is Nabila Hossein from webseries “Brown Girls”. Yeah, I didn’t bother to change their names for once. Listen, I could twist this story around to make it work with a French West Indian actress with Indian roots. Unfortunately, I know none. So I’m working with what I have. Anyway, wouldn’t that be a cute, sweet, fun story? I’m usually repping for Guadeloupe, but I totally dedicate that one to my fellow friends from Martinique. Y’all can have the Dev.

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