IMM #1 : That Gyal

DMT is the French acronym for “Dans Ma Tête” which means “In My Mind”. It’s the expression I use the most when I tell my stories. “You see, in my mind…”. The point here is just to let my imagination run wild and imagine stories I’d wish to see on my screen with Black celebrities. Although I decided to write more in French, I actually plan all my fictions in English (because I’m weird like that). So why not also write my “IMM” feature for my fictions taking in place in English-speaking countries? Here we go, go go…

Title : That Gyal
Genre : Rom-com

Synopsis : Growing up in Jamaica in the late 80’s- early 90’s, Andrea was always teased and rejected by her peers and family. That’s why she didn’t regret leaving the island when her father decided to relocate in the US right before her sixteenth birthday. Fifteen years later, she’s now a famous chef and runs her own restaurant in New York. Upon the news her beloved grandmother is about to die, she cancels all her projects and goes “home”. Jealousy and disdain welcome her as she reacquaints herself with her family and former classmates. Only the moments she spends with Nathan, the 32-year-old nurse who takes care of her grandmother, make her forget her insecurities and painful memories.

Commentary: So the story would deal with colorism, Caribbean identity for those who live there, those who leave and come back, love (of course), sexism w/ both Andrea and Nathan working in strong gendered fields etc. I usually mention which actors I have in my mind. I’m not familiar enough with Jamaican celebrities, so among the few ones I know, I’d go with Cherine Anderson to portray the fierce yet sweet Andrea.

Cherine Anderson (2)

Fun yet lovely Nathan would be someone like tennis player Dustin Brown. It’s very hard to find non-tennis pictures of him, but Danny Link (@linkystills) uploaded this beautiful picture you can find here. It’s not tagged so I don’t dare to upload it again.

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