#outremerfictionTV ou un exotisme d’Epinal

Dans un précédent article, j’avais parlé du manque de visibilité du cinéma ultramarin, mais je m’y connais mieux en télévision qu’en cinéma, donc il était plus que temps de faire un article sur la télévision. A la base, les téléspectateurs français ont tendance à dévaloriser la fiction française parce que les séries US ont toujoursContinue reading “#outremerfictionTV ou un exotisme d’Epinal”

#TokenChocolat: Watching French teen fiction

Disclaimer: I don’t own the pictures. How will I remember January 2016? A month of nostalgia with the “High School Musical” 10th year anniversary and “X-Files” comeback? Or a month of frustration over some comments the #OscarsSowhite triggered in France? Today, the nominees for the Cesars (our equivalent of the Oscars) were announced. Will thereContinue reading “#TokenChocolat: Watching French teen fiction”

Teen K-dramas are no “Skins”, but they can be more daring than your average K-drama

So I don’t usually do editorial stuff in English. I mean, I could, but when I write in English, I obssess so much over grammar and vocabulary that I’d rather keep it short for anything that doesn’t include translations. Besides, I’d rather spare you when I go into lengthy details when I try to makeContinue reading “Teen K-dramas are no “Skins”, but they can be more daring than your average K-drama”