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How will I remember January 2016? A month of nostalgia with the “High School Musical” 10th year anniversary and “X-Files” comeback? Or a month of frustration over some comments the #OscarsSowhite triggered in France? Today, the nominees for the Cesars (our equivalent of the Oscars) were announced. Will there be a real discussion about the lack of inclusion in the French movie industry?

So I don’t usually do editorial stuff in English. I mean, I could, but when I write in English, I obssess so much over grammar and vocabulary that I’d rather keep it short for anything that doesn’t include translations. Besides, I’d rather spare you when I go into lengthy details when I try to make a point. However, I’d really like to talk about this subject because I’m currently working on it for my own studies and it’d be awesome if some of you would like to respond and share your thoughts.